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Pagadian City “Little HongKong In The South”


PAGADIAN CITY is the capital city in the province of Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines and the regional center of the Zamboanga Peninsula. It is known as the “Little Hong Kong of the South”.


The first inhabitants of the city are the Subanon tribe along its riverbanks and eventually, Muslims settled the coastal areas which is now the communities of Muricay, Tawagan Sur and was named “Talpokan” meaning a place with abundant springs.

The city name was said to derive from “Pangadye-an” meaning a place to be prayed for since a large number of settlers at that time died of malaria. Another version of the name says that a group of people arrived at an unknown place of the Zamboanga and was able to reach the royal place of Datu Macaumbang where natives met them. The visitors asked the natives about the name of the place; however, they were also looking at a flock of birds then and said “Gagadian”. The natives thought the strangers were asking them about the name of the birds, thus they also responded “Gagadian”.

Pagadian is first known as a Sitio of Margosatubig. However, the municipal of Labangan, Pagadian was created and the sitio became one its barrios. Then in 1934, Director Teofisto Guingona, Sr. was commissioned to find out the possibility of transferring the seat of government of the Labangan municipality to another place. A Conference was called together with the Datus and the proposed transfer of Labangan Government to Pagadian was largely opposed by the Christian group. Later on the designated committee led by Datu Balimbingan and with the consent of Datu Macaumbang surveyed the western part of “PAGADIAN” and found “TOLPOKAN” as the final place for the transfer of Labangan Government. At the same time, Datu Macaumbang donated two hundred sixty hectares of land to Christians who were willing to transfer to Pagadian. With this recommendation on March 23, 1937 by virtue of Executive Order no. 77 of the late President Manuel L. Quezon created the Pagadian municipality.

Then on June 6, 1952 by virtue of Republic Act No. 711, Zamboanga was divided into into two provinces: Zamboanga Del Sur and Zamboanga Del Norte. It was on September 17, 1952 when the Province of Zamboanga del Sur was formally approved and Pagadian became its capital town. Pagadian became a chartered city on June 21, 1969 by virtue of Republic Act No. 5478.

Pagadian City Map




  1. ..wel pagadian city is a beautiful place?!
    ..oo nga?!kasi nga taga pagadian din ako?!wew?!
    ..mrami na nag improve sa pagadian!?di na gaya
    …proud to be pagadianon!?;-)

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